Priscilla Rose 
Priscilla Rose began her professional career on staff in higher education and was a manager for ten years while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree and then her Master's degree in Business (Human and Organizational Development). Working with a graduate professor, she first began helping companies and the individual leaders overcome significant business challenges by defining and executing on their company goals and vision.  They were creating their futures instead of simply reacting to the market. Her first client was able to make a visionary leadership and management shift that allowed them to double their revenue in one year when they had been unable to grow the four years prior. 

After witnessing the power of this work personally and in organizations, Priscilla worked as a consultant for the next ten years and as CEO of a family-owned consulting firm for five years before starting her own training and consulting business, Rose Coaching & Consulting. 

Priscilla is a best-selling author of the book The Future Belongs to Those Who Dare and speaks locally and internationally on the topic of individual Futuring and how to support Future Leadership particularly of family-owned businesses needing to raise up the next generation of leaders and make the transition between the generations in legacy companies.

Priscilla founded Rose Coaching and Consulting (RCC) to empower individuals and teams to envision a tomorrow they are excited about in both their business and personal lives. The talented team of coaches at RCC are skilled and experienced in helping their clients make their dreams a reality by providing them with the tools needed to create their futures.


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